Let us do the hard work!


Our aim to effectively streamline the recruitment process for our clients and candidates in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Why spend hours searching through irrelevant CV’s? Let us do the hard work.

Excalibur Recruitment understands that compatibility is the key to success and we recognise the importance of knowing our market sectors which is why we employ and train all of our staff to a level where they become experts in their fields.

We are happy to talk to you about all of your vacancies at different levels but we will only take on an assignment that we are confident of fulfilling.

Excalibur Recruitment’s aim is to reduce the time spent by you in evaluating whether a person / candidate is right for your business. We take the time to understand your job specification, understanding the technical requirements and also the soft skills that are right for you and your company.

At Excalibur Recruitment, we use various methods to source candidates, including personal referrals, company database, social media, head hunting and advertising across major International job sites. We pre-screen and interview all candidates so that you only get suitable options.

From start to finish you will deal with the industry specific consultants who will take their time getting to know you and your business. We aim to clearly identify which of our candidates would best suit your business.

Start hiring the correct way by using Excalibur Recruitment today call 01242 802192 or contact us here.